who's behind the birthday party ideas anyway?

I'm not a 'celebrity' party planner. I just love designing birthday party ideas.

my little bosses

My name is Michelle and among other things I'm a wife, a mom (there are my little 'bosses'), an Australian living in the U.S. and the friend everyone calls when they want a cake or a party that's out of the ordinary.

the accidental 'party diva'...

diy website - birthday party ideas

I've always been creative and had a passion for food and design. Over the years I've been an interior designer, a graphic designer and a chef/restaurateur back in Australia.

Then one day I took a giant leap of faith, packed up everything and moved to a tiny speck on the other side of the world...for love.

Fast forward a few more years and I've got four kids under the age of seven at home. I love making cakes and designing parties and maybe I could make some money at it, but I don't want to be tied to a bricks and mortar 'business'. My dream had always been, to have:

So I figured the cake decorating and party planning would just be a hobby. I would have to look for something else to help pay the bills.

a funny thing happened...

diy website - birthday party ideas

I searched for months on-line. It seemed that everywhere I looked there were empty promises of quick riches if only I would pay my $79.95 before midnight tonight. I had almost given up hope when, late one night, I stumbled across

Site Build It!

It may sound a little dramatic but I really consider that moment a major turning point in my life.

Something about this company was different. There was no promise of "work 2 minutes a day and make a million dollars before lunch". They were simply offering me the tools, knowledge and support necessary to build a successful website.

I browsed the list of successful SBI! sites and I was absolutely staggered by the range of topics that people had built a successful website around.

Then I watched this video about a mom, with the same kind of wishes and concerns I had, who started a do-it-yourself wedding site.

Hmmm....work from home...spend time with the kids...be creative and write about it...

...she really had my attention!

See it for yourself.

I watched that video over and over. She seemed like an average girl, like me. If she could do it maybe I could too!

I followed my intuition and signed up with SBI! I really didn't have anything to lose. They offered my money back if I wasn't happy after a month. I knew after a few days that I wouldn't be needing that refund.

it pays to dream big...

diy website - birthday party ideas

A wise man, actually it was Harvey MacKay, once said:

"Find something you love to do and you'll never have to work a day in your life...

That's one of my favorite quotes. It used to drive me and frustrate me at the same time. You see, motivation was never the problem - not having a road map was! SBI! gave me the road map.

They showed me how to choose what to write about, how to find my own unique voice and how to build a profitable website based on what I knew. And I did it all without any website building experience at all.

Now I have a Cake Decorating website and this Birthday Party Ideas website that receive tens of thousands of visitors every month from all over the world and I make money every day whether I work on my websites or not!

I still have to pinch myself sometimes...

what's your passion?

diy website - birthday party ideas

It's been said that "everyone has one great novel in them"...I believe, with the right guidance, that everyone has at least one great website in them.

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Take a leap of faith. You'll be glad you did. I sure am!

Glad you stopped by. Enjoy your visit!


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