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enchanted Princess Birthday Party Ideas for a perfect princess party...

Princess birthday party ideas

It's true. Most every little girl dreams of having her 'once upon a time' wish come true.

You can stage a soiree fit for royalty to make her dream a reality. And with these great Princess Birthday Party Ideas it's easy!

A color scheme will tie everything together and make your planning easier.

Perfect colors for a princess party would be pink & silver.

for a perfect princess party you'll need:

You'll find all the princess birthday party ideas you need right here.


girl birthday party ideas - princess birthday party ideas

These fun ideas for invitations will set the mood for your princess party:

1.Cut out pink or silver card stock in the shape of a crown, add the wording in the center of the crown and have the kids help you decorate around the edges with stick-on jewels and sparkles.

2.Use sheets of parchment paper with a smaller sheet of vellum on top for the invitation wording. Join the two sheets with color co-ordinated ribbon, roll up and place in a tube from a roll of paper towel to mail. If you like, seal the rolled-up ivitation with a princess sticker or wax seal.

3.Cut out a cinderella carriage shape from pink card stock. Draw in the details (windows, door, wheels etc.) with a darker pink marker and glue a flap over the door of the carriage, which then opens to reveal the party details.

4.Cut out a castle shape from silver card stock. Add the details with a black marker and glue a flap over the drawbridge which then opens to reveal the party details.


girl birthday party ideas - princess birthday party ideas

these princess birthday party ideas add lots of whimsy and froth to set the mood:

1.For a night-time party, line your front path with strings of fairy lights. Either lay them on the ground along each side of the path or drape them from post to post to light the way.

2.For a day time party, have your kids make royal flags from paper, markers and bamboo skewers, to represent the kingdoms of each of the attending princesses. Line each side of your front path with the colorful flags for a spectacular entrance.

3.Roll out some red crepe paper or a red carpet runner for the princesses to walk on as they arrive and have someone announce them as they walk the runway.

4.Make a room size mural from brown paper that depicts a castle wall with turrets at each corner of the room to add a 'castle courtyard' feel. Or, if you want to get really elaborate, construct a 3D castle from large appliance boxes (you can usually get these free at your local appliance store), paint grey and use black marker to add brick details.

5.Drape lengths of inexpensive tulle from one side of the ceiling to the other to create a magical canopy effect easily. Alternatively, raid your local thrift store for mens ties, open them out, cut to length and hang on a string (clothes-line fashion) around the room as royal pennants.

6.Set up a throne for the royal guest of honor by draping a chair with fabric (use a bed sheet or comforter to match the party color scheme) and wrap with tulle tied in a large bow at the back of the chair.

7.Buy inexpensive pink or silver plates & napkins to serve the food.

8.Decorate disposable dollar-store champagne glasses with stick on jewels for a regal way to serve up pink lemonade or raspberry tea.

princess party snacks

girl birthday party ideas - princess birthday party ideas

Princess birthday party ideas are popular mostly with younger girls and lots of kids are too excited to eat at a party anyway.

So keep it simple and think 'pink':

1.Butter slices of your favorite bread, cut out using star or crown shaped cookie cutters ad then cover with pink sprinkles. I am always amazed at how this is the simplest snack to make, yet it's usually the fastest one to disappear at a kids party!

2.Pink princess puffs - just make up some Rice Krispie treats and add pink food color while you're mixing. Scoop the mix into mini muffin papers and sprinkle with silver dragees (edible silver pearls available at cake decorating stores).

3.strawberries with cream cheese dip (sweeten with a little honey)

4.Watermelon skewers.

5.Pink lemonade

6.Pink raspberry tea. Make tea with 3-4 raspberry tea bags, add a few drops pink food color, sugar and milk to taste. This is always a hit!

a cake fit for royalty

girl birthday party ideas - princess birthday party ideas

We all know that, especially with kids, the cake is the star attraction in the food department anyway. Try these ideas for a spectacular edible centerpiece for your royal gala:

1.Watch Liv Hansen from Betty Crocker kitchens show you how to make a Princess Cake that any little princess will love

2.Here, Liv shows us how to make a fantastic Castle Cake and it's not as difficult as you think!

Here are even more great cakes from our sister site:
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3.Princess tiara birthday cake

4.Enchanted castle cake

5.Pink & white castle cake


girl birthday party ideas - princess birthday party ideas

These fun activities are both entertainment and party favors. As the arrival of each princess is announced, hand her an empty favor bag, which she can fill with party favors as she goes from one fun activity to the next. Use as many or as few as you like for your party:

1.Set up a craft area where each little princess can create her very own royal crown to wear and take home from the party. Set out pre-cut crowns (made from pink or silver card stock), sparkles, beads, pearls and feathers. Make sure to have some glitter paint pens on hand so she can personalize her beautiful creation.

2.Lay out a selection of kid sized glitter nail polish colors and as each guest chooses one to take home, have an older sibling or friend paint fingernails and toenails for the little princesses. Then let them also choose a pretty lip gloss to apply and take home as a party favor.

3.Buy or bake some crown shaped sugar cookies and frost with royal icing in colors that co-ordinate with the party color scheme then lay out some food color pens and have each girl decorate her own edible party favor to take home with her.

4.For a princess take on 'hot potato', play 'pass the poison apple', using an apple in place of a potato. If you get caught with the poison apple when the music stops, you fall into a deep, deep sleep...

5.Pin the tail on the donkey can always become 'pin the tiara in the princess' by hanging a picture of a princess (use a poster of a princess or draw your own) and making a decorated crown shape for each girl to pin up.

6.A fun musical game is 'royal freeze dance'. For music, play the soundtrack from any of the Disney princess movies. If you play this game last, no-one even has to be out of the game - they just play until Mom or Dad arrives to collect them!


girl birthday party ideas - princess birthday party ideas

These are the extra special touches that make your party truly memorable:

to startInstead of disposable favor bags, make or purchase shiny or sparkly handbags or drawstring pouches for each girl to collect her treasures in during the party. For a really special touch, use glitter fabric paint pens to put a name on each bag before the guests arrive and place them in a basket by the door to hand to each guest as she enters the party.

to finishUse a digital camera or instant polaroid camera to take a picture of each guest with the royal princess of honor, seated in her throne. Print the picures and enclose in a hand-made or purchased photo thank-you card for each girl to take home. This way you don't have to remember to send thank you notes after the party and everyone gets a great memory of a fun time!

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